Jergens Natural Glow Review (+ Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs and More!)

Living in California isn’t as beachy or palmy as it may appear, specially Northern California. I’ve been having this crazy, odd beauty problem which I would assume most just simply wouldn’t have but, well guess what, I DO.

You see, in California, the Summers are the best when you’re at the beach with a bikini on, getting this lovely bronzed tan – but for the locals, it often means walking around in 100+ Fahrenheit degrees with a full outfit on, getting tan in some places, but not others, because, well, WALKING AROUND OUTSIDE NAKED IS ILLEGAL … and weird …

So lately I’ve been on a really weird, bronzey-ish adventure – despite always having loved my typical pale, “pin-up” embracing look. I wanted to show you what I’ve been purchasing to prepare for this transition in my life of … (gasp) using self-tanner.

Before starting the self-tanning process (for a gradual tan), I like to exfoliate to start off with a brand new layer of skin!

For this, I’ve been using Tree Hut Firming Body Scrub in Italian Mocha. It has real coffee in it so it can get a bit messy but I absolutely love the smell!

Note: to make your own exfoliating scrub, you can use plain, organic sugar (aka “thick” sugar lol) – normal, white sugar can lead to cuts in the skin – and if you want a firming effect as well you can add instant coffee to the sugar. Mix it in and wet it slightly when you get in the shower to use as a scrub.

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L to R: Olay Regenerating Serum, Fit Me Foundation & Concealer, Wet’n’Wild Kohl Liner, Tree Hut Scrub

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Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

I think this is probably one of the most well-known self-tanners out there (maybe even more so than St. Tropez!)

Here’s a breakdown of the product:

Bottle rendition: Full bottle lasted me about 2 1/2 weeks of daily usage.

I shower daily (10 min body shower), so I found myself having to “restart” the whole process again in the early tanning stage of every process (A total of 2 “processes” in the bottle) – as the tan would fade easily upon first or second wear.

Texture: The lotion is very thick, which I didn’t really mind since my body skin is so dry. When used on the face, however, it broke me out a few times – it takes a while for my face to get used to lotions, which it did get used to this lotion after a few days.

Fragrance: Sweet, Syrupy smell.

Having a hard time recognizing the smell, I actually quite enjoyed it at first. It took a few nights of smelling this thing before I realized, “OH MY GOD. I SMELL LIKE WAFFLES.” It was surprisingly pleasant, though a bit disturbing – Let’s just say I wouldn’t dare walk out the door with this recently put on. God Forbid anyone ask if I had pancakes for breakfast.

Drying time: 5 – 10 minutes.

The lotion dries on average in 5 minutes, though depending on how thick the layer is, it could last a bit longer. The lotion, however, doesn’t really dry completely for a few hours – so there’s a sticky feeling in the meanwhile. Putting this on at night was best for me personally, as the lotion was usually fully dry by the time I was up (and so was most of the fragrance.)

Results: It generally took 2-3 days to notice the color significantly (though a slight effect could be seen from the first day).

The actual process was actually very emotionally painful, since I like to shower daily. I often had to  restart the tanning process every once and then. Tanning every day just isn’t very convenient, even for a gradual tanner. To speed up the process  – or make up for lost time/tan – I liked to lather the lotion on 2-3 times a day. It definitely sped things up, though it was still wasted every time I took a shower. I just really like my night-time showers, okay?

Wear-time (Fading): 3 – 7 days.

The fading mainly depended on showers taken and exfoliation vs. no exfoliation. When left alone (aka no exfoliation), the tan lasted up to 7 days – even with daily showers. When exfoliated, it typically lasted for 3 days.

Overall: I actually did end up liking this self-tanner, though I would not use this as suggested, simply because self tanning every single day is just exhausting and a total pain in the bum. I found that this worked much better on my face (after having my skin adjusted to the thick lotion) since it’s much more convenient to use this on my face every night than to go to bed every night covered in syrup-lotion.

Would I recommend this? For a newbie or short-term use, yes. The gradual tan is a great way to dip your toes in the self-tanning waters, though for long term use, the high-maintenance procedure just isn’t sustainable. The whole tanning procedure added at least 30 mins into my already full night-time schedule – which is fine for a once-a-week self-tanning session, but every day? Just, no. I can’t.

Sally Hansen’s Airbrushed Legs

I accidentally purposely purchased this in “Medium” when I was a light back in January, since it’s a whole lot like a self-tanner. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with self-tanner … who purchases a “light” self-tanner!

Regardless, I ended up finding out that the shade selection is actually “a shade” darker (as in “Light” is Medium, “Medium” is Dark, etc), hence why a “Light” shade is even available. With that said, the “Medium” shade (I hope I’m not confusing you!) was a bit too dark and very orange for my olive skin.

Sally Hansen’s Airbrushed Legs is a whole lot like a daily-type-of-self-tanner. It applies smoothly and evenly for the most part, though it dries quickly so one must be sure to blend in as quickly as possible!

The self-tanner removes easily in the shower, though it seems to be waterproof as it took more than mere water to remove my chocolate-colored legs! Soap was what appeared to remove the stain off my legs, not water alone.

Overall this product is good for daily usage every once and then, for special events or just for making your legs look slimmer and sexier during the summer. You can even use this on your whole body if you desire. My only problem is when going darker, there’s a definite hint of orange tint, so I highly recommend getting this in what would normally be considered your shade.

That is all for this post! Note that this is part of a series I will be continuing this and next month, so stay tuned for more Self-Tanner reviews, next up is St. Moriz (aka a St. Tropez dupe)! If you have any questions, let me know!!

Love, Nicole 💋