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The Big-Booty Guide for a Small-Bootied Girl! + Gel-V Dupe!

This post is for all of the women around the world lacking a bit (or ALOT) in the booty department (ahem, me.)

Despite my Latina heritage, I was not gifted with a very big behind (sadly), so for quite a while now, I’ve been on a hunt for a bit of a boost (excuse the pun, lol) to give my petite figure a more curvy look.

So far, here’s what I’ve found that actually works.

Exercises can make a huge difference, so I like to keep squats, donkey kicks and lunges as part of my workout routine. They really “harden” and lift out the booty, making shapers, and anything else you use, much more effective. Another thing to add is that, actually “making” a booty takes some time (fitness-wise), so you just have to be patient! But for the meanwhile, you can use these tricks to make a sad butt look happy … kinda … you get the point!

Faking it until you Make it.

1. So, for an instant boost, I like to wear ASSETS by Sara Blakely Mid-Thigh Shaper. You can purchase this at Target. This is mainly a mid-section type of shaper (where my main problem areas lie – lower stomach, bigger thighs, sad booty) so it’s great to just kinda shape that area and suck it in a bit, as well as lift the butt and tighten it in.


Compression zones flatten the tummy and trim the thighs, specially-designed rear pockets offer an added lift in back, legband-free! No bulging on the thigh, sleek yarns are soft & comfortable, cotton gusset for comfort, imported

It’s slightly expensive ($28), at least for me, but it is very much worth it and so much better than other shapers I have tried, (including Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear – which did absolutely nothing for my butt!)

2. I’ve also tried Slim Extreme 3D Super-concentrated Serum by Eveline Cosmetics. I’m not gonna lie. This was more of an experiment than anything else, I was not in any way expecting (more like wishfully hoping!) that this would work … But it did.


You see what this does is, besides make your butt feel ridiculously soft and smell ridiculously good, it tones the area to which it is applied to – be it the buttock area or breasts etc. I find this lifts my butt, giving it a soft, rounded and natural look (which I love!)

The only problem is, this is only a temporary effect, at least from what I’ve tested. It usually takes a week to notice results, but it also takes within a week to notice the results going away once usage has been stopped.

I would still recommend this, however, because well I mean, this lifts your butt – exactly how many things can you say that about?

I’d say this would be ideal for major events where training won’t get you results fast enough (or when you’re just plain ol’ lazy like me 😀 )

Another thing worth mentioning is, this contains centella asiatica as the third ingredient, compared to the Gel-V (a lotion designed to tonify skin) also listing centella asiatica extract as the third ingredient, meaning this is a possible dupe for the $50 lotion! 😀

Note: Ingredient list taken directly from


Centella asiatica is an herb known to have wound-healing and toning properties (the success of the Gel V is proof of that.)

Slim Serum also has Alminaria Algae (Seaweed), compared to the 2nd ingredient in Gel-V: Fucus Vesiculosus Extract, an extract derived from seaweed.

Random fact: The first two ingredients, Camellia Sinensis and Fucus Vesiculosus of the Gel-V are both antioxidants (antioxidants reduce the negative effect of oxygen, like wrinkles and general ageing.) Based off this, researching, I found that Funat Natural Body Fat Burner is another possible dupe, as it also has the same first two ingredients, but not Centella Asiatica. I am still testing this one.

I have as of yet to find a closer dupe, but this is what I have so far, and I thought I’d share this.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Love, Nicole 💋