Fashion Nova Review (Phoebe top)

So it’s been a while since I online shopped – actually, it’s been a while since I shopped AT ALL – and to honor that I decided to cause a little damage buy something new.

I’d been ogling Fashion Nova for a while, but because their stuff sells out so fast (Fashion Nova, PLEASE FIX THIS) it took me a while to finally find something still on sale that I actually liked.

Here’s the Phoebe top:

Now when I saw this, I immediately thought: what a beautiful taupe blouse. I would imagine, that’s what everyone else would think right? It is a taupe, right? Or am I going color blind?? Regardless, I ended up buying it alone since there was nothing else I liked.

This time, unlike last, I made sure to make an account prior to my purchase. From there, I could see my orders and whatnot. I was sent a confirmation email, and thereafter a tracking email (yay!), it arrived within 3 days.

Upon arrival, I was surprised to find the packaged resembled nothing more than a simple package. Isn’t that disappointing? Don’t you want to find logo’d stuff everywhere? I do!

The package came inside a priority mail bubble mailer (those are free), with logo’d stuff inside (much better 👌🏼).

Here’s what it looked like EXACTLY AS IT ARRIVED.

Hint hint, I think that’s a general code 😉

For your own sanity, here’s the code: SAVE10

I also used the code VACAY which saved me 15% off, and they always have codes, just google them prior to purchase.

Anyway, as for the blouse, I’m on the fence, absolutely. It’s definitely not a taupe, maybe not even a “coffee” which is the shade it is officially described as .. Soooo what shade is it??? Gray? Gray-Taupe-Coffee? The fabric is thin and slightly sheer, but I’d expect that to some degree for the price.

Not sure whether I’ll be returning this or not .. But as for the store, for those wondering, it is authentic.

Update: The color has grown on me, so it’s all good!


-FAST shipping (ordered Sept 16, 2016, received Sept 19)

-Nice, professional inside packaging.

-Made in the US

-Fairly Inexpensive


-Cheap outside packaging (a logo’d bubble mailer would’ve been nicer)

-Product color not accurate/ as pictured.

-Size is slightly larger.

Overall I would still recommend Fashion Nova, just know your clothes may or may not look as pictured .. Good luck! 🤔Nicole.

Note: I was not paid nor given anything free for this post (God. I wish.)



Naked Wardrobe Review

I know it’s been a while, and so I wanted to post something worthwhile!

For a few months now, I’ve been eyeing up naked wardrobe’s website, and I have to tell you, I was reeaalllyyyy tempted to purchase something but I refused due to the lack of reviews. So I just went ahead and bit the bullet, and here are my thoughts.

I purchased the ‘All Stripes And You’re Out Mini’ in Small, which you can see at their website here.

Update 1/11/2016: The link is has been updated. Their smaller sizes tend to sell out soon, so if you’re in love with a dress, know that it may sell out. Usually their Large sizes sell slower.

It was about $40, but then I remembered the usual codes they have on Instagram, so I went ahead and used one of their usual codes (ps. It’s “FRIDAY”) which takes 15% off so that brought the price down to $34, plus tax and shipping, the total was brought back up to $42.

After ordering, the worst part was the wait. Apparently, when ordering, the system automatically creates an account for you. The problem is, you’re likely not aware of this, especially since the option to create an account is in really small letters followed by a check.

So when it comes to knowing about your package, first of all you have no option on the home page to login. Second you don’t have any official information to log in.

To put it simply, I had no idea where my package was until I got a tracking email – I almost thought I had been scammed!

In total, it took about a week to get my package: about 3 days in preparing the shipment, and 3 days to ship, I’d say.

As far as the actual package goes, I admit I was pretty impressed.

The package comes in a black shipping bag with the words “naked wardrobe” on it:


Inside is the items wrapped up in tissue paper, along with your order sheet printed in pink paper.

Once unwrapped, in the middle you can find a card that looks like this:


The actual dress is a bit darker than in the image on the naked wardrobe website, though that’s probably due to lighting etc. The quality of the fabric is superb, as well the stitching/seams.

On the inside there is a second layer of fabric for more throughout coverage.

I couldn’t get a good picture of the full dress, so I’ll leave it at that!

Have you shopped from the naked wardrobe? What are your thoughts?

Let me know if you like clothing/boutique reviews like this!

Note: I was not paid nor given anything free for this post (God. I wish.)

AliExpress Review (featuring Bella Fascino)

Short lil Note: This post has been over a month in-the-making. Who knew writing could take so long when you’ve got presents to wrap, shopping to do, and food to eat!! Love, Nicole.

As a fellow hardcore Instagram user, one of the things I often see is clothing lines. Clothing lines, everywhere. (Along with fitness posts and and bodies I wish I had – among a whole lot of other things) I generally don’t pay much attention to these clothing lines, as there’s just wayyy too many to actually LOOK through them – Jaide Clothing anyone? That is until I saw something special from a special user.

It looked a tad bit like this:

The 'Vivian Dress' as it appears on

My ladies who pre ordered Miss Vivian dress, orders are in 😍🎉 Shipments will be out first thing Monday morning. 👉 Those who didn’t get yours there are 3 left! 😋


And that’s exactly where my weird obsession for this dress began. While this was surely meant to be some form of club dress, what I saw was more like, really sexy sleepwear. Weird, I know. But I decided I must have it, whatever the cost.

I hadn’t shopped in a while, so I decided, WHY NOT?! It certainly couldn’t and wouldn’t hurt to just look around her site and shop around, maybe save some for later – and so I did.

Looking through her site, it wasn’t hard to realize it must’ve been new – there was a very small amount of items, of those including the Vivian dress, which cost *hold your breath* $55.00. Now, that’s actually not TOO bad. But I can count approximately 50+ things I could purchase with those 55 dollars – including 55 McChickens. So I decided to do some research instead. I posted the URL Link onto Google images and found the EXACT SAME DRESS on AliExpress, for $8.99 or so. Though it would be shipping from China, I was better off spending 8 dollars from China than 55 dollars from here – once again, using my McChicken calculator (am I the only one who calculates in food?!)

I decided to purchase it (exact link)

It took maybe 2/3 weeks to arrive, in a grey little bag, wrapped inside in a clear plastic bag. Looked exactly like:

Vivian dress (IG)

Vivian dress (IG)

photo (17)

Once on, I actually noticed it was the EXACT same dress. I mean EXACT.

AliExpress dress on me.  Please don't judge my lumps! Lol

AliExpress dress on me. Please don’t judge my lumps! Lol

I actually love this dress. I’ve worn it throughout the holidays, for Thanksgiving and such, though I prefer it as sleeping wear, god only knows why. It’s ridiculously soft, and feels a tad bit like silk, though it isn’t. I’m not sure what it actually is made of, but whatever it is, I love!!

I am hoping I’m able to try out more stuff from AliExpress as they have proved to be authentic. I have been eye-ing these M.A.C. brushes, cause lawd, are they cute or what?! I’ll let you know in a future post if I do end up buying them (which I probably will!!). Ever purchased from AliExpress or any recommended items? Let me know!!

Note (1): This post was not sponsored in any way at all. All thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own. Thank you. x

Note: (2) Dress is meant to look like the Surplice Wrap Dress in Mocha – which retails for $35.

Picture Credit:

Bella Fascino

skye_mcdonald IG