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For those lingerie-addicts like me, you might like to know Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale has started online today (will start in-stores soon, as well!)

Here are some tips if you’re looking for a good way to save (without having to wait til the last minute for the left-overs!)

1. Victoria’s Secret has a Price Adjustment Policy (14 days in-store, 3 weeks online) – this means that if you purchase say a bikini for $50.00 and the next day goes down to $9.99 – like during, ahem, the Semi-Annual Sale! – you simply go inside the store and go ahead ask the cashier if the price adjustment policy applies to your purchase. Assuming that the answer is yes, the cashier should then match your purchase to that of the current price, and give you a refund in the form of either a Gift Card or to your original form of purchase (Credit Card, Cash, etc.)

Panties typically go down to like $2.99 and bras can go down to $15.99-19.99 (remember the beautiful last-minute bras you see that aren’t in your size? Yup, those same ones – but in your size)

If, like me, you’re an indecisive, shy bird  and prefer shopping online, the same P.A.P. (LOL) applies online. You can simply either email, live chat or call them (I prefer Live Chat), give them your order number and ask them if they could price-match your purchase(s) when they lower down!

This way, you get both a good deal and exactly the same bra-and-panty set you’ve been eyeing for a while!!

2. Get your things ASAP. No, not just in your “Cart”, but actually purchase them. Usually the popular sizes (S,M, and B cups) go up the fastest! So, make sure to complete your purchase as soon as you can, even if you have to pay a little more. Remember the Price Adjustment Policy, so if you’ve got a bit of money to spare, you can use it (if you’d like, of course).

3. So what if the items you purchased don’t lower down and stay the same? You can return them in-store or if purchased online, can be either returned in-store as well or shipped back.

For refund details, here’s a quote directly from their website!

  • Within 90 days of purchase, refunds will credit back to the original payment method

  • If you paid with a gift card, you will receive a merchandise credit.

  • After 90 days, we’ll issue your refund as a merchandise credit.

For this, Save everything. “Leave the tags on the clothes and leave them in the bag WITH the receipts. You don’t know if you will be returning it, and you need to have your receipts.” source.

4. ALSO, sometimes you can use the $10 coupons in-store (depending on the person! – the nice ones will allow it 🙂 )

And here are some other cool tips I found here:

1. Shortly before the sale begins, Victoria’s Secret will start teasing loyalists with sale offers — hold fast and save up for the real deal. The only one that’s a better bargain than the SAS is the 7 for $26 panty sale that VS held in store and online this past weekend — they come out to $3.71 per pair, better than the $3.99 sale price.

3. When the online sale starts, pick up matching sets first and any neutrals you may want. While Victoria’s Secret has gorgeous colors and prints, these will be in plentiful supply both later in the online sale and in stores. And later in the sale, it’s more of a hunt to find matching bras and panties.

4. The sale is the time to try one of the new lines of bras that you hadn’t wanted to try at full price. But buy that sample piece early enough so that there are still others colors left if you’re smitten and want to go back to buy more.

5. The in-store sale, which begins nearly two weeks after the online sale begins, generally has better deals on beauty products (like 75 percent off fragrances) and on sleepwear. If there are prints you want in the Angel sleep T’s, though, the 2 for $39.50 deal online is comparable to the $19.99 markdown in stores.

Note: There is FREE SHIPPING for purchases $100 and above (CODE: FREESHIP100). My purchase came up to $90ish, so I added an “extra” that I can return in-store at a nearby VS shop (you can do that too).

UPDATE: 1/13/2016: So I found a comment from a Victoria’s Secret Sales Associate, and I found it pretty interesting, and mostly true, so I’ll repost:

I used to work at Victoria’s Secret for 3 years, and as an insider, I can tell you that the semi-annual sale is only kind of worth it.

First of all, the selection is limited to the previous season’s styles. So, if you’re shopping SAS in Summer, you’ll find nothing but winter colors, pajama sets, and Mrs. Clause-looking lingerie. If you’re shopping in Winter, you can expect swimsuit cover ups, bathing suits, and lots of yellow, hot pink and orange bras. If you’re not worried about wearing a highlighter pink bra in the middle of winter, by all means, work it, girl. If you’re stocking up for next season, this sale may be worth it for you.

Secondly, the prices aren’t THAT good in the beginning of the sale. You may light up when you see the $19.99 bra bin, but what you didn’t see was “$19.99 and up” as you stuffed all the 34Cs you could find (and even the 32B’s, because, hey why not?). Make sure you read the price on the tag before you stuff 10 bras in your shopping bag, otherwise, you’ll get to the register and you’ll realize that a lot of your bras are still $40 and up (most likely marked down from $59-$80). Only a handful of those bras are actually $19.99, and they’re most likely snatched up on the first day of the sale, around 8am when the store opens for Angel Card holders.

But here’s the secret: It’s worth it to wait until the last couple of weeks of the sale, because that’s when the bras are REALLY marked down, as well as the bins upon bins of fragrances from the early 2000’s that seem to surface only twice a year (I’m looking at you, Enchanted Apple). That’s when you’ll get the lotions, mists, and perfumes marked down to about 75% off–the only issue is the availability.

The same goes for the bras–around the last 1-2 weeks of the sale, ALL bras are marked down to $15.99, regardless of their ticket price (that’s right, the $80 sequined bra you see in the sale bin is REALLY $15.99 *squeals*). But if you’re worried about the availability, don’t. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at the register during SAS when women come back a week later to return all 50 of the bras they bought, because A.) The colors were so outdated they realized it was a waste of money B.) They realized when they got home, that spending hundreds of dollars on sale bras was a huge mistake, and now they don’t want any of them.

So, if you’re willing to risk waiting until the end of the sale to score some $15.99 Christmas bras and some $2.00 Enchanted Apple body lotion, you won’t be disappointed. And if you’re counting on that price adjustment, don’t hold your breath! The cashier won’t honor it, because it’s a sale item. Sorry! Happy hunting ladies and gents!

From personal experience, I can attest to the comment being partially true. In store, you will most likely find most of last season’s bras that didn’t sell during the previous sale, and some of the permanent line (think Very Sexy solids and Incredible solids, etc).

The current, trending bras are mostly on sale online (these are usually the season’s lace designs), and only go down 10-15 dollars – so the $60 dollar bra you like will go down to the $36-45 range, and that’s only some of the current bras. This is the lowest current season bras will generally go. So, if you’re looking to buy the season’s current lingerie, I highly suggest you shop online, while they still have your size and while it’s still selling (otherwise you’ll have to wait for the next sale to be able to buy it).

What isn’t sold during the sale,whether it was on sale to begin with or not (I’m talking all of the past season and current season), then goes on to the other sale, each bra selling for around $20-30. This is when the store is “renewed” with the upcoming season’s designs, and re-stocked with the permanent lines – amidst the semi-annual sale.

Also, the Price Adjustment policy may or may not be honored. When I purchased online last season, I asked several times to get a price adjustment and the chat conversation went a bit like this:

Me: Hello, I was wondering if you check whether the Price Adjustment Policy applies to my order?

Sales Associate: Sure, what’s your order number?

*Gives order number*

Sales Associate: Okay, what would you like me to adjust?

Me: Well, whatever has lowered in price.

Sales Associate: Well, you have to check the prices and let me know what to adjust.

(Really? Isn’t that your job?)

Me: Well, the panties I bought have gone down to 3.99, from 5.99 each, so could adjust that?

Sales Associate: OK.

(That was it.)

Me: Thank you.

Sales Associate: You’re welcome.

Me: Has it been adjusted?

Sales Associate: Yes.

(No, “expect your refund in 5-7 days,” or “anything else I can help you with?” nothing.)

Me: Well thank you, have a nice day.

Sales Associate: You too.

Fast forward a week later, and I still haven’t received a refund yet. I message them again, wait a whole week again, and no refund. I message one last time, their response? “It’s past the 14 days, so your request is invalid.” INVALID.

I still kept the 5.99 panties, because I’m not as cheap as the Sales Associates made me seem (really, I’m not at all, but you should still honor your own policy.)

In short, please know that you may or may not get what you want at the price that you want, and that the sales associates may pretend to give you a refund, make you wait 2 full weeks, then decide it’s too late to give you a refund in the first place. LOGIC.

Sincerely crying, Nicole 😪

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