Bzzz Box Opening

Sooo I just signed up for a Bzz campaign (more like, was signed up for, lol)

For those wondering what a “Bzz Box” is, it’s basically a product box sent to “Bzz Agents” to sample and test out, then give feedback both to the company and the costumers.

When you first sign up to, you are given literally about a hundred different surveys ranging from beauty to food, to match future campaigns with your likes. Once you become eligible for a campaign, you are sent an email with the product’s information and the link to sign up for the campaign. You are then taken to the site, where you will input your address and confirm your campaign spot (yes, they save up a spot for you!)

You then receive your box a few weeks after that, and your next job is to “Bzz” and complete some activities.

For every activity you get checked off (ex. tweeting, taking a picture, etc) you get MyPoints points which you can then redeem for Gift Cards.

This is my fourth campaign. In order to keep receiving campaigns, you must “keep at it” completing surveys and such (which I haven’t done very much lately).

The first campaign I did was a foundation from Covergirl which was a few shades too light for me to keep using. 

The second campaign was a shoe-sole thingy for stilettos.

Lastly,the third was Paula’s Choice CLEAR acne system (which is now my secret to flawless skin).

Here is just the box. I saved up opening for so long just to show you guys!!


 The boxes usually come with coupons related to the product for you to purchase the item(s) and hand out to friends and family! 






The bottom part is a trimmer. I have never used one so this should be interesting…

I will be testing this out for the following week and I will get back to you!

Love, Nicole πŸ’•

Note: This product shown in this post were sent for review purposes.


Free Make Up, Anyone?!

As a beauty junkie, I could never have enough beauty products – or ice cream. Hell, I could never have enough of anything estrogen related. That however eventually began taking a toll on my finances. Because although ice cream may be only $3.99, NARS blushes are $30 year-round. As such, I have had to find ingenious way to earn some extra cash for cosmetics, and Amazon has become my new best friend. So how do I get “free” makeup – note that free is never really free. Everything in life comes at a cost. Most of which often is TIME. Just a quick Economy lesson haha.

So, like I promised in a previous post, here are some tips (and secrets) as to how I earn free makeup or money (specifically – Amazon gift cards) to buy cosmetics.

1. Become a Crowdtapper. Now what exactly is that? A crowdtapper is a person who diligently visits Crowdtap and does his/her daily “Quickhits” and “Challenges” for a variety of brands. Some of those being very popular brands like Aerie and Hollister, or Weight Watchers. Other mysterious brands which you may never really know the origin of but may be very close to knowing the actual brand. It’s simple really, and sometimes even fun when the brand is something of your interest. You get to share your opinion on the brand and their new products AND YOU GET “PAID”. At the end of every month, every brand has a drawing. The gift cards you get, as well as the prize amount, depends on the brand and just how lucky you get. So far I’ve mostly gotten $5 Amazon gift cards by different brands, every month – though there are some others, like Sephora and Walmart gift cards. These usually total to about $25-30 every month (sometimes more), just for telling them what I like and  what I don’t  like. Neat, right?

photo (5) cc01

Bonus: You also get to try out new products from the companies featured.

The only “Con” of this site is that it can sometimes be a tad bit too time-consuming. I don’t always have the time to finish these “Quickhits” for 15+ brands, on a daily basis. But hey, I love my NARS blushes too much so it’s personally worth it.

2. “BING-er”, don’t Google. Though Bing is not the most popular site for .. well .. “Googling” (LOL), it actually is slightly better than Google in the way that it offers free gift cards just for searching with them!! These include, Amazon and Sephora, among others. You get 15 points every day, 1 point per 2 searches, so you must do 30 daily searches. When you reach 525 points (475 after you become a Gold member) you can choose what gift card to redeem. It’s pretty simple, really. Gift Cards include Sephora and Amazon, among others.


3. Join Study Panels. These usually pay on the higher scale, however are harder to get into, due to the higher pay. Usually (and depends on the study) you will have to test products, tell them what you think (you complete daily surveys regarding a certain product on a daily basis for a certain amount of time) and then get paid. For some of these, (though I can’t tell you much about this one, because I’ve never been in one yet, again they’re really hard to get into) you talk about a certain topic on a certain forum/chatting place. The pay generally ranges from $25 to $200+ depending on time and effort required to put into the study.
– Some of my favorite panels are:

  1. L’OREAL Consumer Panel (they are requesting women of color, such as Latinas, to broaden up their pool πŸ™‚ ) – Rewards in Cosmetics, from drugstore L’oreal to high-end YSL(Yves Saint Laurent).
  2. 20/20 – Rewards in money.
  3. thePinkPanel – Generally rewards in Amazon or Bare Minerals Gift Cards.

4. Join Survey sites. These are usually the “cheaper” study forms to get cash, but are easier to get into than studies. The idea is simple – you answer questions to surveys, you get either points or direct cash for them. Be careful with these, as they usually try to pay less and less per survey.

One of the better survey sites I’ve found lately is Opinion Outpost which takes 50 points for $5 Amazon gift cards (which are usually emailed out immediately, after the 1st) or 100 points for $10 PayPal. Survey sites usually take many more points than this just to redeem, so I find OP way better than the rest. Each Survey is generally 10-30 points, so these are easy to reach! You’re welcome. πŸ™‚

a 01 a 02 a 03

5. Join Walmart’s Saving Catcher program. If you’re a regular Walmart shopper, this can easily add up. I’ve accumulated around $60 in just 6 months (x2 using Bluebird’s system, meaning I’ve gotten around $120). It doesn’t matter what you buy, if it’s got a lower price elsewhere, they’ll match it and give you the remaining on a Walmart e-GC or a prepaid BlueBird card which is free and they double up your Walmart money. You can then use that money to buy drugstore make up gems or whatever you like, lol.

blue b

Overall, I love using all these methods, and together you’d be surprised how many gift cards you’d end up with (I ended up with nearly $200’s worth last month ☺️), so in all, I think it’s worth it.

My favorite method? Opinion Outpost. I find it really easy, and surprisingly fun completing their surveys and redeeming for gift cards.

That is pretty much it for this post!! Let me know what you think!

Love, Nicole πŸ’•

Note: This post was not sponsored in any way at all. All thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own. Thank you. x

Ft. Photo Credit: xprincessjas