Jergens Natural Glow Review (+ Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs and More!)

Living in California isn’t as beachy or palmy as it may appear, specially Northern California. I’ve been having this crazy, odd beauty problem which I would assume most just simply wouldn’t have but, well guess what, I DO.

You see, in California, the Summers are the best when you’re at the beach with a bikini on, getting this lovely bronzed tan – but for the locals, it often means walking around in 100+ Fahrenheit degrees with a full outfit on, getting tan in some places, but not others, because, well, WALKING AROUND OUTSIDE NAKED IS ILLEGAL … and weird …

So lately I’ve been on a really weird, bronzey-ish adventure – despite always having loved my typical pale, “pin-up” embracing look. I wanted to show you what I’ve been purchasing to prepare for this transition in my life of … (gasp) using self-tanner.

Before starting the self-tanning process (for a gradual tan), I like to exfoliate to start off with a brand new layer of skin!

For this, I’ve been using Tree Hut Firming Body Scrub in Italian Mocha. It has real coffee in it so it can get a bit messy but I absolutely love the smell!

Note: to make your own exfoliating scrub, you can use plain, organic sugar (aka “thick” sugar lol) – normal, white sugar can lead to cuts in the skin – and if you want a firming effect as well you can add instant coffee to the sugar. Mix it in and wet it slightly when you get in the shower to use as a scrub.

FIT ME 220 Foundation and 20 Sand Concealer Review here.

photo 3 main

L to R: Olay Regenerating Serum, Fit Me Foundation & Concealer, Wet’n’Wild Kohl Liner, Tree Hut Scrub

photo 1 main

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

I think this is probably one of the most well-known self-tanners out there (maybe even more so than St. Tropez!)

Here’s a breakdown of the product:

Bottle rendition: Full bottle lasted me about 2 1/2 weeks of daily usage.

I shower daily (10 min body shower), so I found myself having to “restart” the whole process again in the early tanning stage of every process (A total of 2 “processes” in the bottle) – as the tan would fade easily upon first or second wear.

Texture: The lotion is very thick, which I didn’t really mind since my body skin is so dry. When used on the face, however, it broke me out a few times – it takes a while for my face to get used to lotions, which it did get used to this lotion after a few days.

Fragrance: Sweet, Syrupy smell.

Having a hard time recognizing the smell, I actually quite enjoyed it at first. It took a few nights of smelling this thing before I realized, “OH MY GOD. I SMELL LIKE WAFFLES.” It was surprisingly pleasant, though a bit disturbing – Let’s just say I wouldn’t dare walk out the door with this recently put on. God Forbid anyone ask if I had pancakes for breakfast.

Drying time: 5 – 10 minutes.

The lotion dries on average in 5 minutes, though depending on how thick the layer is, it could last a bit longer. The lotion, however, doesn’t really dry completely for a few hours – so there’s a sticky feeling in the meanwhile. Putting this on at night was best for me personally, as the lotion was usually fully dry by the time I was up (and so was most of the fragrance.)

Results: It generally took 2-3 days to notice the color significantly (though a slight effect could be seen from the first day).

The actual process was actually very emotionally painful, since I like to shower daily. I often had to  restart the tanning process every once and then. Tanning every day just isn’t very convenient, even for a gradual tanner. To speed up the process  – or make up for lost time/tan – I liked to lather the lotion on 2-3 times a day. It definitely sped things up, though it was still wasted every time I took a shower. I just really like my night-time showers, okay?

Wear-time (Fading): 3 – 7 days.

The fading mainly depended on showers taken and exfoliation vs. no exfoliation. When left alone (aka no exfoliation), the tan lasted up to 7 days – even with daily showers. When exfoliated, it typically lasted for 3 days.

Overall: I actually did end up liking this self-tanner, though I would not use this as suggested, simply because self tanning every single day is just exhausting and a total pain in the bum. I found that this worked much better on my face (after having my skin adjusted to the thick lotion) since it’s much more convenient to use this on my face every night than to go to bed every night covered in syrup-lotion.

Would I recommend this? For a newbie or short-term use, yes. The gradual tan is a great way to dip your toes in the self-tanning waters, though for long term use, the high-maintenance procedure just isn’t sustainable. The whole tanning procedure added at least 30 mins into my already full night-time schedule – which is fine for a once-a-week self-tanning session, but every day? Just, no. I can’t.

Sally Hansen’s Airbrushed Legs

I accidentally purposely purchased this in “Medium” when I was a light back in January, since it’s a whole lot like a self-tanner. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with self-tanner … who purchases a “light” self-tanner!

Regardless, I ended up finding out that the shade selection is actually “a shade” darker (as in “Light” is Medium, “Medium” is Dark, etc), hence why a “Light” shade is even available. With that said, the “Medium” shade (I hope I’m not confusing you!) was a bit too dark and very orange for my olive skin.

Sally Hansen’s Airbrushed Legs is a whole lot like a daily-type-of-self-tanner. It applies smoothly and evenly for the most part, though it dries quickly so one must be sure to blend in as quickly as possible!

The self-tanner removes easily in the shower, though it seems to be waterproof as it took more than mere water to remove my chocolate-colored legs! Soap was what appeared to remove the stain off my legs, not water alone.

Overall this product is good for daily usage every once and then, for special events or just for making your legs look slimmer and sexier during the summer. You can even use this on your whole body if you desire. My only problem is when going darker, there’s a definite hint of orange tint, so I highly recommend getting this in what would normally be considered your shade.

That is all for this post! Note that this is part of a series I will be continuing this and next month, so stay tuned for more Self-Tanner reviews, next up is St. Moriz (aka a St. Tropez dupe)! If you have any questions, let me know!!

Love, Nicole 💋


Fit ME Foundation & Concealer Reviews

I recently got a Fit Me Matte + Poreless sample packet from one of the magazines of my dozen-and-still-counting subscriptions, and after trying it out, more on that here, I decided to purchase the full bottle.

I got the 220 shade, which in the sample was a shade or two darker than the bottled version, but was warm enough to play with!

Along with the foundation, I’ve been dying to try out NARS’ Radiant Creamy concealer and I’d heard Fit Me’s concealer was a very close dupe, so I also purchased myself the whole thang in shade 20 Sand.

photo (12) main

When the original Fit Me line came out, I never really took notice, especially since the line was targeted towards Normal to Dry gals, so when the newer line launched recently, I was so excited to try it out!

The foundation itself is reminiscent of L’oreal’s True Match with a hint of mattifying powers – get the hint already, L’oreal! – which is great, because the main reason I avoid my True Match foundation at all is due to the fact that it doesn’t prevent my skin from getting oily.

The shade selection seems much better than True Match’s however, considering W3 is slightly lighter than shade 220 – True Match’s Warm line runs dark and pink, so those with light to medium, warm skin might find Fit Me suits their skin tone better than True Match. The bottles in-store at my local Target all look the same shade, so I’m not exactly sure what’s up with that. If you know your shade, I’d suggest you purchase online instead, since the’s a lower chance of your foundation bottle being messed with at all.

Here’s a swatch of the shade 220 along with a few other foundations I have:

photo 1  swatch

Product Name L to R: L’oreal True Match, Revlon Colorstay, Pond’s BB Cream, True Match, Maybelline Fit Me. Natural Lightning.

photo 2 swatch

Swatches in direct natural lightning.

The finish is slightly powdery when set with powder, though that’s easily fixable with a spray of Rose Water, or Elf’s Setting Spray (which is pretty much the same thing).

On the other hand, the quality of the  concealer surprised me quite a lot, especially since it was so dirty cheap!

The shade was surprisingly warm as well – most “warm” drugstore concealers and foundations tend too run a little too pink for truly warm skin tones.

Note: Pink-based concealers tend to hide very dark circles better on lighter, warm skin tones (yellow based concealers tend to turn the area a grey color). As you darken (during the Spring/Summer time) the pink-based concealer tends to look obvious on skin, so true-to-skin-tone concealers are better to use during this time of the year – since blue/green/purple shadows hide better under darker skin.

Here’s the swatch compared to my other favorite concealers:

photo 3 swatch

Product Name L to R: Maybelline Fit Me, Maybelline IAR Dark Circle Eraser, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye.

As for the actual quality of the actual product, this concealer is life, basically.

Why? Because it manages to completely remove my trusted Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer from my routine (which by the way is the ONLY concealer that truly hides my heavy, Purpley-Bright Red Dark Bright Under Eye Circles)

This concealer is a true rival, offering medium to full coverage with a very natural, skin-like, moisturizing/sheen finish. LOVE. All for $20 cheaper. LOVE EVEN MORE.


  • Medium-to-full coverage
  • Very skin-like
  • Very Moisturizing
  • Easy to blend
  • True Warm shade
  • Really inexpensive ($4 on amazon, + there’s $1 off magazine coupons around!)


  • Oxidizes easily when packed on heavily
  • Creases towards end of the day when not set with powder
  • Personal con: oxidized when set with my Sonia Kashuk loose powder.
  • Wand can get dirty easily since you use it to apply the concealer every time without washing (think loose shadow/mascara flakes getting stuck)

As for a comparison to the NARS concealer, I don’t personally own it, though from testing in-store, the NARS’ concealer is slightly thicker, offering more of a truly full coverage (no medium-cov bs). So unless you need straight up full coverage with fancy shmancy packaging with a price to match, the Fit Me Concealer will surprise you in terms of quality.

I know the line also comes with a pressed powder to match (how cute, I know), but I decided to skip it since prefer loose powders.

Overall, I am highly pleased with Maybelline’s shade selection and their concealer’s amazing coverage as well as their true to name number shade selection – 0’s are warm, and 5’s are cold, if you’re olive under-toned, warm should suit just fine.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Love, Nicole 💋

The Big-Booty Guide for a Small-Bootied Girl! + Gel-V Dupe!

This post is for all of the women around the world lacking a bit (or ALOT) in the booty department (ahem, me.)

Despite my Latina heritage, I was not gifted with a very big behind (sadly), so for quite a while now, I’ve been on a hunt for a bit of a boost (excuse the pun, lol) to give my petite figure a more curvy look.

So far, here’s what I’ve found that actually works.

Exercises can make a huge difference, so I like to keep squats, donkey kicks and lunges as part of my workout routine. They really “harden” and lift out the booty, making shapers, and anything else you use, much more effective. Another thing to add is that, actually “making” a booty takes some time (fitness-wise), so you just have to be patient! But for the meanwhile, you can use these tricks to make a sad butt look happy … kinda … you get the point!

Faking it until you Make it.

1. So, for an instant boost, I like to wear ASSETS by Sara Blakely Mid-Thigh Shaper. You can purchase this at Target. This is mainly a mid-section type of shaper (where my main problem areas lie – lower stomach, bigger thighs, sad booty) so it’s great to just kinda shape that area and suck it in a bit, as well as lift the butt and tighten it in.


Compression zones flatten the tummy and trim the thighs, specially-designed rear pockets offer an added lift in back, legband-free! No bulging on the thigh, sleek yarns are soft & comfortable, cotton gusset for comfort, imported

It’s slightly expensive ($28), at least for me, but it is very much worth it and so much better than other shapers I have tried, (including Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear – which did absolutely nothing for my butt!)

2. I’ve also tried Slim Extreme 3D Super-concentrated Serum by Eveline Cosmetics. I’m not gonna lie. This was more of an experiment than anything else, I was not in any way expecting (more like wishfully hoping!) that this would work … But it did.


You see what this does is, besides make your butt feel ridiculously soft and smell ridiculously good, it tones the area to which it is applied to – be it the buttock area or breasts etc. I find this lifts my butt, giving it a soft, rounded and natural look (which I love!)

The only problem is, this is only a temporary effect, at least from what I’ve tested. It usually takes a week to notice results, but it also takes within a week to notice the results going away once usage has been stopped.

I would still recommend this, however, because well I mean, this lifts your butt – exactly how many things can you say that about?

I’d say this would be ideal for major events where training won’t get you results fast enough (or when you’re just plain ol’ lazy like me 😀 )

Another thing worth mentioning is, this contains centella asiatica as the third ingredient, compared to the Gel-V (a lotion designed to tonify skin) also listing centella asiatica extract as the third ingredient, meaning this is a possible dupe for the $50 lotion! 😀

Note: Ingredient list taken directly from


Centella asiatica is an herb known to have wound-healing and toning properties (the success of the Gel V is proof of that.)

Slim Serum also has Alminaria Algae (Seaweed), compared to the 2nd ingredient in Gel-V: Fucus Vesiculosus Extract, an extract derived from seaweed.

Random fact: The first two ingredients, Camellia Sinensis and Fucus Vesiculosus of the Gel-V are both antioxidants (antioxidants reduce the negative effect of oxygen, like wrinkles and general ageing.) Based off this, researching, I found that Funat Natural Body Fat Burner is another possible dupe, as it also has the same first two ingredients, but not Centella Asiatica. I am still testing this one.

I have as of yet to find a closer dupe, but this is what I have so far, and I thought I’d share this.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Love, Nicole 💋

Benefit Minis Reviews

Looking through my makeup collection, I realized I had a bigger-than-usual amount of Benefit minis (just look at the picture above! Lol.)

So I decided to show them off write a quick review of them all!

I find their minis are really cute. I actually think Benefit is one of the very few brands, if not the only one, that carries most of their original products in sample sizes. They don’t skimp on them either!! I think their Hoola sample size (which I’m probably purchasing as soon as I finish it!) has lasted me about 3+ months of daily usage. So yeah, the samples have plenty of product for more than a couple of uses.

Their unusual cardboard-boxes do throw me off a bit, however, making them difficult to travel with (maybe that’s why they have so many samples .. hmm …)

Here’s a quick overview of the ones I have:

  1. Hoola by Benefit – Neutral-to-Warm brown shade best used for contour/bronzing (looks best on neutral/warm skin). Might tend to look orangey on cool skin tones. Highly, Richly pigmented. No shimmer. Fabulous “Hoola” carved into first layers of powder. Easy to blend. Warms up the skin nicely. Con: A tad too warm for pale skin. Tends to look orange on my light-olive skin during the fall/winter seasons. Dupe: NYC Bronzer.
  2. Watt’s Up by Benefit – Golden, Champagney Highlighter. Really fine micro glitter/shimmer. Visible Golden flecks in sunlight. Overall warm. Highly pigmented but easy to blend – with finger NOT a brush. Creamy. On the warmer side.
  3. High Beam by Benefit – Liquid Cool Silver highlighter. Applicable using a polish-like brush. Much easier to blend than Watt’s Up due to it’s liquid form. Easier to blend using a brush. Ideal for cooler tones or pale skin tones. Dupe: ELF baked blush in Pinktastic.
  4. Roller lash by Benefit – Lenghthens but does not curl like it claims. Does not Volumize. Waterproof (for the most part). Does not flake. Stays on for 8+ hours (have not tested for a full day.) Dries fast (For those with allergies!). Dupe: Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes.
  5. The POREfessional by Benefit – smoothes over pores. Not lasting from personal experience. Skin-like tint. Doesn’t smother skin (not very feel-able throughout the day). Does not control oil. A little goes a long way. For those with big pores (I think this is funny) this tends to close pores in an “elongated” manner (think of a toned stomach with a line-like belly button – the belly button being the pores). Dupe: Maybelline Baby Skin.
  6. Oxygen Wow Foundation in Petal (not shown) – light coverage. Warm, yellow undertone. Light tone (just before Light/Medium). Dupe: TrueMatch liquid super blendable foundation in W2.

Let me know if you’d like swatches!

Love, Nicole 💋


**Scroll down for update**

For those lingerie-addicts like me, you might like to know Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale has started online today (will start in-stores soon, as well!)

Here are some tips if you’re looking for a good way to save (without having to wait til the last minute for the left-overs!)

1. Victoria’s Secret has a Price Adjustment Policy (14 days in-store, 3 weeks online) – this means that if you purchase say a bikini for $50.00 and the next day goes down to $9.99 – like during, ahem, the Semi-Annual Sale! – you simply go inside the store and go ahead ask the cashier if the price adjustment policy applies to your purchase. Assuming that the answer is yes, the cashier should then match your purchase to that of the current price, and give you a refund in the form of either a Gift Card or to your original form of purchase (Credit Card, Cash, etc.)

Panties typically go down to like $2.99 and bras can go down to $15.99-19.99 (remember the beautiful last-minute bras you see that aren’t in your size? Yup, those same ones – but in your size)

If, like me, you’re an indecisive, shy bird  and prefer shopping online, the same P.A.P. (LOL) applies online. You can simply either email, live chat or call them (I prefer Live Chat), give them your order number and ask them if they could price-match your purchase(s) when they lower down!

This way, you get both a good deal and exactly the same bra-and-panty set you’ve been eyeing for a while!!

2. Get your things ASAP. No, not just in your “Cart”, but actually purchase them. Usually the popular sizes (S,M, and B cups) go up the fastest! So, make sure to complete your purchase as soon as you can, even if you have to pay a little more. Remember the Price Adjustment Policy, so if you’ve got a bit of money to spare, you can use it (if you’d like, of course).

3. So what if the items you purchased don’t lower down and stay the same? You can return them in-store or if purchased online, can be either returned in-store as well or shipped back.

For refund details, here’s a quote directly from their website!

  • Within 90 days of purchase, refunds will credit back to the original payment method

  • If you paid with a gift card, you will receive a merchandise credit.

  • After 90 days, we’ll issue your refund as a merchandise credit.

For this, Save everything. “Leave the tags on the clothes and leave them in the bag WITH the receipts. You don’t know if you will be returning it, and you need to have your receipts.” source.

4. ALSO, sometimes you can use the $10 coupons in-store (depending on the person! – the nice ones will allow it 🙂 )

And here are some other cool tips I found here:

1. Shortly before the sale begins, Victoria’s Secret will start teasing loyalists with sale offers — hold fast and save up for the real deal. The only one that’s a better bargain than the SAS is the 7 for $26 panty sale that VS held in store and online this past weekend — they come out to $3.71 per pair, better than the $3.99 sale price.

3. When the online sale starts, pick up matching sets first and any neutrals you may want. While Victoria’s Secret has gorgeous colors and prints, these will be in plentiful supply both later in the online sale and in stores. And later in the sale, it’s more of a hunt to find matching bras and panties.

4. The sale is the time to try one of the new lines of bras that you hadn’t wanted to try at full price. But buy that sample piece early enough so that there are still others colors left if you’re smitten and want to go back to buy more.

5. The in-store sale, which begins nearly two weeks after the online sale begins, generally has better deals on beauty products (like 75 percent off fragrances) and on sleepwear. If there are prints you want in the Angel sleep T’s, though, the 2 for $39.50 deal online is comparable to the $19.99 markdown in stores.

Note: There is FREE SHIPPING for purchases $100 and above (CODE: FREESHIP100). My purchase came up to $90ish, so I added an “extra” that I can return in-store at a nearby VS shop (you can do that too).

UPDATE: 1/13/2016: So I found a comment from a Victoria’s Secret Sales Associate, and I found it pretty interesting, and mostly true, so I’ll repost:

I used to work at Victoria’s Secret for 3 years, and as an insider, I can tell you that the semi-annual sale is only kind of worth it.

First of all, the selection is limited to the previous season’s styles. So, if you’re shopping SAS in Summer, you’ll find nothing but winter colors, pajama sets, and Mrs. Clause-looking lingerie. If you’re shopping in Winter, you can expect swimsuit cover ups, bathing suits, and lots of yellow, hot pink and orange bras. If you’re not worried about wearing a highlighter pink bra in the middle of winter, by all means, work it, girl. If you’re stocking up for next season, this sale may be worth it for you.

Secondly, the prices aren’t THAT good in the beginning of the sale. You may light up when you see the $19.99 bra bin, but what you didn’t see was “$19.99 and up” as you stuffed all the 34Cs you could find (and even the 32B’s, because, hey why not?). Make sure you read the price on the tag before you stuff 10 bras in your shopping bag, otherwise, you’ll get to the register and you’ll realize that a lot of your bras are still $40 and up (most likely marked down from $59-$80). Only a handful of those bras are actually $19.99, and they’re most likely snatched up on the first day of the sale, around 8am when the store opens for Angel Card holders.

But here’s the secret: It’s worth it to wait until the last couple of weeks of the sale, because that’s when the bras are REALLY marked down, as well as the bins upon bins of fragrances from the early 2000’s that seem to surface only twice a year (I’m looking at you, Enchanted Apple). That’s when you’ll get the lotions, mists, and perfumes marked down to about 75% off–the only issue is the availability.

The same goes for the bras–around the last 1-2 weeks of the sale, ALL bras are marked down to $15.99, regardless of their ticket price (that’s right, the $80 sequined bra you see in the sale bin is REALLY $15.99 *squeals*). But if you’re worried about the availability, don’t. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at the register during SAS when women come back a week later to return all 50 of the bras they bought, because A.) The colors were so outdated they realized it was a waste of money B.) They realized when they got home, that spending hundreds of dollars on sale bras was a huge mistake, and now they don’t want any of them.

So, if you’re willing to risk waiting until the end of the sale to score some $15.99 Christmas bras and some $2.00 Enchanted Apple body lotion, you won’t be disappointed. And if you’re counting on that price adjustment, don’t hold your breath! The cashier won’t honor it, because it’s a sale item. Sorry! Happy hunting ladies and gents!

From personal experience, I can attest to the comment being partially true. In store, you will most likely find most of last season’s bras that didn’t sell during the previous sale, and some of the permanent line (think Very Sexy solids and Incredible solids, etc).

The current, trending bras are mostly on sale online (these are usually the season’s lace designs), and only go down 10-15 dollars – so the $60 dollar bra you like will go down to the $36-45 range, and that’s only some of the current bras. This is the lowest current season bras will generally go. So, if you’re looking to buy the season’s current lingerie, I highly suggest you shop online, while they still have your size and while it’s still selling (otherwise you’ll have to wait for the next sale to be able to buy it).

What isn’t sold during the sale,whether it was on sale to begin with or not (I’m talking all of the past season and current season), then goes on to the other sale, each bra selling for around $20-30. This is when the store is “renewed” with the upcoming season’s designs, and re-stocked with the permanent lines – amidst the semi-annual sale.

Also, the Price Adjustment policy may or may not be honored. When I purchased online last season, I asked several times to get a price adjustment and the chat conversation went a bit like this:

Me: Hello, I was wondering if you check whether the Price Adjustment Policy applies to my order?

Sales Associate: Sure, what’s your order number?

*Gives order number*

Sales Associate: Okay, what would you like me to adjust?

Me: Well, whatever has lowered in price.

Sales Associate: Well, you have to check the prices and let me know what to adjust.

(Really? Isn’t that your job?)

Me: Well, the panties I bought have gone down to 3.99, from 5.99 each, so could adjust that?

Sales Associate: OK.

(That was it.)

Me: Thank you.

Sales Associate: You’re welcome.

Me: Has it been adjusted?

Sales Associate: Yes.

(No, “expect your refund in 5-7 days,” or “anything else I can help you with?” nothing.)

Me: Well thank you, have a nice day.

Sales Associate: You too.

Fast forward a week later, and I still haven’t received a refund yet. I message them again, wait a whole week again, and no refund. I message one last time, their response? “It’s past the 14 days, so your request is invalid.” INVALID.

I still kept the 5.99 panties, because I’m not as cheap as the Sales Associates made me seem (really, I’m not at all, but you should still honor your own policy.)

In short, please know that you may or may not get what you want at the price that you want, and that the sales associates may pretend to give you a refund, make you wait 2 full weeks, then decide it’s too late to give you a refund in the first place. LOGIC.

Sincerely crying, Nicole 😪

**This post was not sponsored. Thank you. 

Bzzz Box Opening

Sooo I just signed up for a Bzz campaign (more like, was signed up for, lol)

For those wondering what a “Bzz Box” is, it’s basically a product box sent to “Bzz Agents” to sample and test out, then give feedback both to the company and the costumers.

When you first sign up to, you are given literally about a hundred different surveys ranging from beauty to food, to match future campaigns with your likes. Once you become eligible for a campaign, you are sent an email with the product’s information and the link to sign up for the campaign. You are then taken to the site, where you will input your address and confirm your campaign spot (yes, they save up a spot for you!)

You then receive your box a few weeks after that, and your next job is to “Bzz” and complete some activities.

For every activity you get checked off (ex. tweeting, taking a picture, etc) you get MyPoints points which you can then redeem for Gift Cards.

This is my fourth campaign. In order to keep receiving campaigns, you must “keep at it” completing surveys and such (which I haven’t done very much lately).

The first campaign I did was a foundation from Covergirl which was a few shades too light for me to keep using. 

The second campaign was a shoe-sole thingy for stilettos.

Lastly,the third was Paula’s Choice CLEAR acne system (which is now my secret to flawless skin).

Here is just the box. I saved up opening for so long just to show you guys!!


 The boxes usually come with coupons related to the product for you to purchase the item(s) and hand out to friends and family! 






The bottom part is a trimmer. I have never used one so this should be interesting…

I will be testing this out for the following week and I will get back to you!

Love, Nicole 💕

Note: This product shown in this post were sent for review purposes.

L’oreal Panel Gifts & the PinkPanel Reward!

I was recently accepted to one of L’oreal Panel’s studies as well as a PinkPanel’s study (more about that here).

Both of these are now over, meaning I can now speak about them (kinda).

I can’t tell you much about the products I actually tested, not until they are both released at least, but I can tell you I had plenty of fun and the rewards just made everything sooo much better!!

As I’ve already said in a previous post, L’oreal likes to rewards their panelists with free makeup 😉😍 and as such, I’m a very happy camper, indeed 🙂

These are the L’oreal Gifties 🙂 :

  • Lancome Color Design 5-pan palette in Mauve Chérie – Retail $50
  • Lancome Blending Shadow Brush – Retail $29


That’s about $80 worth of products!!

Furthermore, I was also accepted to test out one of thePinkPanel’s study products, and I have actually come to love this product! I can’t tell you much about it now, but what I can tell you is what the reward is.

I took part in a 42 day study, and as a result got a $100 gift card to Amazon. Initially this would have been to a Beauty Supply Shop but because the Beauty Supply Shop (god only knows which shop this is) charged shipping and tax fees on top of GC credit, they decided to switch to Amazon.  Amazon is always good for me 🙂

Now all I gotta do is find stuff to buy lol 😀

Have you taken part of any of L’oreal’s or thePinkPanel’s studies? If so, what have you received as compensation? Let me know!

Love, Nicole 💕

PS. Has anyone tried the Gel-V weight-loss gel? I’ve been looking into it lately and would love to hear your thoughts!