Renewed Hope in a Jar & GlamGlow Supermud DUPES

Years back, I remember hearing about the awesomeness of the original Hope in a Jar, and how expensive it was for a single ounce, and I thought to myself, “who would buy that?!”

Years later, I’m that fool. Yes, I’ve purchased over $70 dollars worth of lotion PER 4 OZ BOTTLE.

To my own defense, Renewed Hope in a Jar, however, is the only lotion that doesn’t leave me greasy, breaks me out, or turns my foundation orange.

It wasn’t until I’d accidentally ran out of Hope in a Jar that I found this dupe. Oddly enough, a sample of it had been resting on my vanity for nearly 5 months! Here it is:

It’s called Beautiful Skin Night Cream (for Normal/Oily skin) by Boots and its ingredients are really close to Hope in a Jar. Not only that, but it so closely resembles Hope in a Jar, it’s almost scary. It even smells like it.

The best part is it’s only $14, for 1.6oz, compared to $75 per per 4oz of HIAJ. At $14 for 1.6 oz, Boot’s cream is $35 for 4 oz, that’s $40 less than HIAJ. You’re welcome.

The sample I got was for Dry skin, and it’s also like Renewed HIAJ, just slightly thicker and more moisturizing, so if you have dry skin, that works as well!

Furthermore, I have a dupe for GlamGlow’s Supermud mask.

I recently tried out a sample and I have to say it reminded me so much of Paula’s Choice daily skin clearing treatment.

They aren’t as closely related in formula as I’d like, but the function is essentially the same – in fact, I’d say Paula’s works even better than Supermud, simply because it dries out pimples completely overnight, compared to Supermud which takes a couple of applications over a few days. What’s best is, Paula’s Choice is super affordable, at $17 for 2.25 oz, compared to $69 for 1.2 oz. I also really like the fact that PC’s treatment is in a bottle, compared to GG Supermud’s jar container which encourages germ production in the product.

Overall, if you’ve tried either Hope in a Jar or GlamGlow Supermud but found it too expensive, or have found it too expensive to even try, I really recommend  you to try these dupes!

Love, Nicole 💋

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream for Dry/Very Dry Skin – 1.69 Fl Oz • Boots • $13.49

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream for Normal/Oily Skin – 1.69 Fl Oz • Boots • $13.49

Paula’s Choice Clear Acne Treatment Regular Strength with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide for Moderate Acne – 2.25 oz • Paula’s Choice • $17