Play by Sephora June 2016

I was one of the few lucky ladies that actually managed to get into the Sephora beta subscription a few months back, and I have to say, so far I’m impressed. Last month’s box was okay as far as the products went, but this one’s definitely a winner in my book.

I introduce to you the Minimalist Box:

You see that first bottle? That’s Becca’s backlight priming filter, which has a lovely citrusy essent btw, that has .20 oz. That’s probably worth $10 on its own and applying to the high points of the face, this could last a while.
The they’re real mascara is alright imo, I’m not a big fan of benefit’s mascaras. I will say, however, I’m glad they’re also using recognizable, popular brands rather than sticking to the less recognizable need-to-sell-more-of-so-let’s-give-away-samples brands. 

 The tarte is great, but considering I’m nearly albino 😅, I think I’ll give it away. 

I’m not crazy about hair products besides (hint at future post) hair serums, so I’ll probably give away the Bb creme too.

Now Bare Minerals Sheer Sun is just, WHOAH. Like, WHOAH. It’s so good – in essence it’s a sheer liquid bronzer, but it’s lovely, would look natural due to the blendability. Sadly the bottle is really tiny, so I doubt I could get more than 10 applications out of this, although that’s still a steal!

The tocca fragrance strikes me as a citrusy essent as well, which is similar to last month’s orange based smell, but they both smell expensive, so I’m okay with them. What’s best is this is an absolute freebie.

Overall, I’m really impressed with this box’s value AND their choice of brands. I also love the monthly Baggie, great for carrying makeup!

Are you subscribed to the Play By Sephora subscription box? Let me know!

Love, Nicole 👀